If algorithms are rhythms in code, we got the notes right, but the rhythm is clumsy. Instead of music, we create noise. If we fix it, we would have eno…
Part 3: Deep Thinking
The next frontier in AI is to get everyone on the same page regarding emotional granularity. Instead of focusing on shortcuts and competition, we have …
Part 2: Feedback Loops
What we do about climate change is the ultimate test. It is our biggest challenge and our greatest opportunity. There are lessons we are still learning.
Part 1: Introduction to Sense-Framing
Folly is the brave act of telling the truth at the risk of being accused of playing crazy or dumb.
In the last few decades, we became obsessed with goals. Aren't we mistakenly confusing reaching goals with the capacity to lead?
Time is only a record of how creative we got about reaching out to each other. The message is still the same.
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